The Dragon Slayers

Dear Lord Blackstone

From the Pen of Jayca Van-de-Gaarde:

Dear Lord Blackstone,
Many apologies that I am unable to present myself to you in a more seemly manner befitting your station.
I find myself in Trevarrion after travelling north from my father, Baron Darfin Van-de-Gaarde’s estates.
I am writing to you on behalf of one Crewenna (Dragon slayer) due to the terrible events that have befallen the former Duke and Duchess of this town.
Myself and my five compatriots, were contracted on rather secretive business to investigate rumours of mythical beasts terrorizing and burning the traders on the road north.
We did investigate and we found and killed a real life dragon, I appreciate this may be difficult to believe but we brought the body back through Trevarrion in front of a crowd and were going to present it to the Duke when we walked in on the sad scene.
A trio of Elves were in the process of poisoning and killing the Duke and Duchess, they would also have killed the dwarf Haragin if myself and my companions had not stepped in to heal him, alas we were too late for the Duke.
We dispatched the elves and have kept the boxes marked with strange snake sigils in which they kept their poison, I have also written to my brothers who are all members of the King’s Knights in the south with this information.

This whole situation leaves Trevarrion in a bit of a state of chaos. Crewenna who was with us when we killed the dragon and is currently storing it in the cold room of the keep is keeping things ticking over.
However the vile and thoroughly un-pedigreed Inn Keeper of this town has been throwing his sizeable weight around, even threatening my companions!
He seems to think you would appoint him your vassal, I would very much hope that this is not going to be your decision Lord Blackstone, he would run this place even further into the ground with his band of thugs and ruffians.
He was also suspiciously happy about the demise of the former Duke and Duchess and quick to put his hand in the ring.
Crewenna may be untested but she is capable and of far better character, my Lord.
We hope that on receipt of this letter you will send word of your hand in this matter forthwith and also assure us of your own good health.

I am personally concerned that these mysterious elves may have some greater dire purpose in mind that would threaten my own and your safety if they were indeed targeting many humans of noble birth.

Oh whilst we investigated the lair of the aforementioned Dragon,we found it it’s hoard five very nice statues that include a very flattering resemblance of yourself Lord Blackstone, we have kept them for you in the hope of restoring them to their rightful owner.
Myself and my five companions: Esther, Catrain , Malachai , Hanneke and Kolyev are going to tie up some loose ends further into the mountains but we intend to be back in Trevarrion in 12 days and await your word.

Yours Gratefully,

Jayca Van-de-Gaarde,
Trevarrion Keep.


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