The Dragon Slayers

Session 05: Malachai Log

…so Catrain and Esther managed to calm the dwarves down a bit, enough so that they only sort-of-half-arrested us. Luckily, Catrain managed to work her magic on Murderbeard so that when the guards arrived, we were given leave to investigate and look around and see what’s up.

We decided to split into small, easily-defeatable groups to investigate. Some folks, including Ace (obviously) went to the archives, which were apparently just a big cave with some “shelves” with stuff carved into them. Dwarves are weird. Anyway, they apparently found out some stuff that says the (N)Everfire is supposed to ward against some demon lord called Balor Ndulu. Every mountainhome has one, apparently, but I kind of hope that other lots of dwarves are a bit less careful. Oh, yes, and apparently the runes in the thing are not supposed to be full of ash (like they are) but rather they’re supposed to be on fire (obvious). Also, they are apparently lined with dragon bone, which is not at all suspicious given that we recently killed a dragon, which haven’t been seen for basically ever.

I went to the place where they lay out the dead, along with the rest of the Hearthbreakers who weren’t in the archives. As it happened, I was still wearing my ceremonial gear because I’d been wearing it earlier for the giant mess-up in the room with the (N)Everfire. It took some cajoling and persuading from Catrain but eventually I was allowed to inspect the old Overseer’s body. And, sure enough, there was a definite shanking wound entirely separate to all the horrible corrosive demon claw damage. Embarrassingly, I accidentally said all the words to send the Overseer to the House of Locks – and there was me still in my formal clothing! How awkward for everyone.

Anyway, we all met up and decided to get some sleep. Of course, at some point Catrain’s magic wore off and suddenly Murderbeard decided that it would make the most sense to actually arrest us. If I’m honest, they could probably have had a better approach. We didn’t really kill any of them to start with, but then Hanneke picked Esther up and carried her while Ace cast an invisibility sphere and everyone else ran away to the exit. Being as how they’re all much faster than me, I hid for a bit, and then called on the Bitter Hand for a little bit of help in looking like a dwarf (OK, a particularly short dwarf who couldn’t speak any dwarvish) to sneak out following behind some of the pursuers.

Up at the main exit gate, it got pretty messy. There were all sorts of dwarves that we had to kill off while Hanneke and Esther were getting the horses from outside and Ace was trying to get his carriage sorted. We just about managed to get out, with only a few dead or dying dwarves left behind. We stopped off en route to rest up, be outside, and let Kolyev call up a new dire badger thing. He seems pretty chipper about things now he has one.

Praise Be.


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