The Dragon Slayers

Session 06: Malachai log

You know that thing, where you go away for five minutes and you come back and everything is fucked up? Yeah, that.

So we were coming back into Trevarrian after our little excursion to dwarf lands (you might remember the part where we were chased out of the Brokenhammer mountainhome by Murderbeard’s angry followers) and, well, there was a lot of smoke in the air. More than you might expect, sort of thing. Turns out this was because a bunch of houses were on fire. Awkward.

Being big damn heroes (obviously) we got stuck into helping. Kolyev summoned up some kind of water elemental thing and we helped to get things under control. Talking to people, it turned out that after we left, a bunch of thugs came into town and basically took over. They captured the keep (because there were basically no guards) and then started rounding up anyone who gave them any shit. Just taking them prisoner, like, but still.

At first I thought the landlord of the River’s Rest was to blame, what with him being exactly that kind of dickhead, but actually it turned out he’d gotten all gobby (presumably because he thought he should be in charge) and they had smashed up his place and taken him prisoner. Lots of other folks, too (hence the burning buildings – trying to make a point).

Well, you know how it is. Fuck that noise. No one is taking over a town where the leader-to-be owes us 3,000 gold. Especially not when we didn’t even all get paid for the stuff with the dwarves. And we’re owed danger money for killing a fucking dragon. No way. Also, you know, freedom and stuff, but still.

Someone (I can’t remember who – either Esther or Catrain, I think!) attracted the attention of some guards, who decided to come and beat us up. This didn’t go very well for them, although they had some kind of ridiculous teleporting assassin who very nearly did for me. Once we’d fucked them all up (except one, who escaped) we decided to get our shit together; Kolyev and I healed a bunch of people, but embarrassingly I kinda forgot how badly hurt I was and healed Hanneke’s horse instead. This will be important later.

So we decided to split into two groups: Kolyev and Hanneke would gather up the mob that Catrain put together and use it to besiege the castle. The rest of us would scale the walls, get inside the keep using the secret passage, and work from the outside in. Clever, right? I went to see Hilde’s mum, and she gave us a potion of Bull’s Strength, and we also found out that the bandits’ leader was some dude called Ratzer.

On the way over the walls, I got a bit spotted by some idiot with a crossbow, but he missed so who cares? We managed to get behind the walls, and Ace put up another invisibility sphere to keep us safe. Just as we were going inside through the secret door, we saw two pretty hardcore-looking warriors coming out of the proper door, along with an ogre who looked pretty much exactly like the one we met on the road up to the Brokenhammer place, like they were brothers. Brother ogres. Brogres.

Anyway, we got inside and snuck about, heading upstairs to the (locked) entrance to the Duke’s old quarters. Seems like after they got the warning, they decided to hole up in there and were threatening to kill hostages – they were shouting this stuff to Hanneke and Kolyev whose army were storming the place! I mean, not very well because they were just townsfolk with some random weapons we found, but still…

We decided to go in hard, so everyone was poisoning their weapons and generally getting ready. Esther picked the lock on the door, and we burst in. It’s a bit of a blur after that; I know I missed with my shot at the first guard. I know there was him, a couple of dudes with swords, some asshat with a crossbow and an arrogant prick in wizard robes in there. I know there were a bunch of prisoners tied up, including Cruenna and Hilde and the bloody innkeeper and some randoms.

I figured the most useful thing I could do would be to get Hilde and Cruenna up and fighting, so I tried to run past the two guards with swords and give some other swords to the two of them to help get them out. Except I got stabbed on the way past and blacked out.

When I came to, Cruenna was feeding me a potion she’d found hidden in the Duke’s bedroom. All of the guards, plus the ogre and the two women accompanying it, were dead, but Murder-Robe (Ratzer) had flown away by magic – apparently he’s part of some evil magic school that’s a rival to Jayca’s or something. One of the prisoners had died when they were thrown out of the window, and Hanneke’s little friend Shae had been thrown as well and almost died (except Hanneke caught her, because obviously she did). I think Ace had made a magic wall of stone that Kolyev and Hanneke knocked over after killing the ogre. It all got a bit full-on!

All I can really remember is that the innkeeper wouldn’t meet my eyes when I asked if he still thought we were ne’erdowells. Victory!

Praise Be…


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