The Dragon Slayers

Jack's morning
Thoughts on the Dragon Slayers from a new point of view.

Jack smiled as he awoke, the crisp, unfiltered sun playing across the room, illuminating his bedmates and the sumptuous furnishings of a very comfortable room. It refracted through a crystal tumbler half full of expensive scotch and painted rainbows on the blond hair of the girl on his left. He kissed her shoulder gently, making her roll away slightly and freeing his arm. He stretched, yawned and slipped from beneath the sheets, climbing deftly over the brunette between him and the wash-stand. He whispered a gentle shush to her as she rolled over and smiled at him.
Splashing magically fresh water on his face he glanced in the mirror at the rough beard he’d cultivated to hide his face. It hadn’t worked anyway so he reached into his bag and fished out his grooming kit. As he began to trim and tidy himself he let his mind wander over the last day or two. These ‘Dragonslayers’ were an interesting lot. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of them but he strongly suspected that they were his kind of people.
Jayca had seemed like an obvious mark at first, so naïve and pretentious, and he’d been convinced for a while that Esther and Catrain were playing him for a long con, but there seemed to be some amount of genuine friendship there. What he’d at first read as disguised bitterness seemed more now like playful joshing among people who knew their relationship was solid. What Jack couldn’t figure out was why such an obvious fop was travelling with such ‘interesting’ characters. There was something he was keeping back and it wasn’t just the true extent of his magical abilities.
Hanneke seemed like a more obvious companion, corn-fed, stoic, just. There must be a hell of a story for why a wannabe knight would risk her honour to travel with such a devious lot. As Jack applied shaving cream to his cheeks and neck he resolved to get her hearing fixed so she could tell him. She seemed good natured at least, and Esther and Malachi thrived in her company, so he felt he didn’t need to fear her for the time being.
Malachi, now there was a strange one. Who ever heard of a Halfling cleric? Jack was loosely aware they had some pauper gods they prayed to, mostly for food and freedom, but he’d never thought that it might be formalised enough to warrant clergy, no matter how secretive. Jack’s razor paused for a moment, wondering if Malachi had simply been bluffing about truth spells. He chuckled. It didn’t matter, he’d been bluffing about being vulnerable to them. Still, there was a tinge of bitterness to the little fellow that worried him. He seemed hurt and it was hard to see someone so brave filled with resentment.
Esther, on the other hand, seemed to revel in her position in the unseen underclass. She had nimble fingers, the manacles had shown that much, and a nimble everything else too for that matter, given her acrobatics. He’d rarely seen such a skilled thief, much less one with the brains to keep herself out of Stellen’s grasp. Pretty too. He hoped he hadn’t offended her by using Jayca as bait the previous night. It was pretty clear from her occasional reproachful glances that she’d have happily taken one of the young ladies yawning in the bed behind him if he’d not been there. He made a mental note as he bleached the roots around his hairline to do something nice for her.
Catrain too. He at least owed that girl a drink. Tall willowy one, not his usual taste but undoubtedly well refined and beautiful, even for a bard. He’d happily have spent the night listening to her sing if he hadn’t found more fulfilling pursuits. She seemed a bit guarded and nervous, which was unfortunate, but he was sure she would come around. He certainly hoped that she would teach him some of those fascinating dance manoeuvres at some point.
He brushed his hair and straightened his clothes before beginning to pack his holdall. He glanced to the girls, one pouting and the other smiling as he got ready to leave. They’d make great students, he was sure. They seemed like wonderful girls from what little they’d talked and he sincerely intended to put in a good word for them with somebody if he could manage it. Providing nobody recognised him and blew him to ash with fireballs of course.
For a moment he considered ducking out the back window and taking his chances with the road rather than chancing the college. But these Dragonslayers, they were such an interesting group, such a proficient crew… they were too good an opportunity to turn down if he could manage to ingratiate himself. He didn’t know what they were up to yet, or if they were even on the job, but he knew he could help and that they’d grant him a level of protection, and right now that was everything he wanted in the world.
He smiled at the girls. “I’ll see you downstairs for breakfast. I just need to make plans with the rest of my party first. Then perhaps we can see you the rest of the way to the college. I’m sure having Jayca introduce you would put you in good stead from the very first moment!” He slung his bag and headed downstairs, humming a song from the night before and smiling. This was going to be a good day.

Esther [Diary – Tremethick – 1st Day
Every line is about who I don’t wanna write about anymore.

Esther (Kitchener)
She pretended to sleep on the drive today – I guess she doesn’t want to talk anymore – then we arrived at Tremethick and she hid.

The guards checked our names against a list, presumably of undesirables, which we are blessedly not on; I assume she is.

At the inn, much finer than those we have previously seen, so Jayca is pleased, Catrain sorted the rooms. We are sharing a room, Malachai will bunk with us too; this is good, I don’t trust myself.

J’s suite befits the noble that he is: lots of portable objets d’art I noticed, and I saw she did too. But the landlady looks too observant for my liking.

The knights next door will keep the dragon for us; I think Hanneke might make some friends. Which is fine, as long as she keeps her guard up; heavens that girl is too trusting. She thinks she’s a merchant gone bad! Not that knowing better makes any damned difference though.

She was going to hide in our room whilst we ate so a put aside some food for her, like a good friend I thought, though I caught M’s eye, I suspect he’d have another word for it.

M mentioned her. I suppose that’s not entirely unreasonable given she is technically our prisoner, and it wasn’t like she wasn’t on my mind anyway. Hanneke wanted her to atone for her crimes, . M’s going to speak to her in his capacity as a ‘cleric’. Actually that’s not fair, he is a cleric, just maybe not the kind that focuses on atonement…
Well, I suppose he, we, help others atone for their crimes against us…

Then, by all that would plague me, she appeared, wearing C’s clothes, I don’t suppose C liked that much, she looked well in them though.

She introduced herself as Lady Else Vissen, of all the names, of all the alter egos, she could have picked she chose that one – she’s playing me.

She told a story, and she’s no bard, she hasn’t C’s skill or voice but she has a way with words when she wants, and though she wasn’t exactly being subtle she managed to hit the right notes with her talk of torture and haunting and lost friends.
H, generous heart that she has, piped up that she was wrong about not having friends left. She’s more forgiving than I but I could only awkwardly nod as well.

C, more practical demanded to know what I should have asked, had she compromised me or H?
And the question I was afraid to ask… who was her captor?
And of course it was him, Stellen, the one who drove us apart.
But if we were still… well it’s been good to work with the Hearthbreakers again.
But of course why is she here now?
She said she heard the names Esther and Hanneke and it couldn’t be a coincidence…
She said she heard that someone had put a lot of gold on our heads…
She said “Put it this way, someone very rich wants you dead”…
I want to believe she came because of me, because of me and H, but there’s always an angle with her.

I couldn’t deal with the bar anymore, and I had a pretty strong desire to get very drunk. Thought it also might be good to get M and her off to have that ‘talk’ so took some wine upstairs.
M and I headed upstairs and she followed along with C, probably best to have M and C there, their judgement definitely less clouded than mine even before the wine.

Not sure it why I thought it was a good idea to break into J’s suite to drink…
Something about J’s taste for the finer things just makes my fingers itch.

M asked how she met H – apparently she hired her as ‘muscle’ and then dumped her when things got hot. Seems like a habit of hers, not sure it makes me feel any better to know she did it to H too. I think it’s worse, at least I don’t think she lied to me…
Stupid though, she probably did.

She said she didn’t sell me out to Stellen, apparently he already knew about me, and I can’t remember what name I was using back in Heuvelbrun so I don’t know how compromised I am.
It’s not like I was planning on going back, but it seems he reach is growing.

I used all my knowledge of her and of reading people to see if she was telling the truth, I think she is but I don’t know if it’s just want I want to believe.

We heard J coming up the stairs, luckily in his ‘merry’ state, well actually he’s a rather maudlin drunk, he was singing pretty loudly.
We ran to the window and the others managed to make it out but alcohol or my unsettled thoughts made me clumsy and I slipped and was left dangling from the window frame.
Thank the heavens C’s quick and before I lost my grip entirely she hit me with a spell and I was able to gently drift to the ground.
I finally scrambled inelegantly up to the room.
Hardly an impressive display.
At least J was too drunk to notice.

No sooner were we settled again when that damned cat started yowling outside J’s room. M tried to shut him up with a water spell, which would have been hilarious except it got J instead, which was actually also hilarious except J complained to some man who came to investigate and Shay nearly got blamed so M did the just thing and ‘fessed up. Damn.
C decided to return to the others in the bar and I thought maybe it might be a good idea to leave M to get things done alone, also desperately wanted more wine.

I’m not sure what Malachai said to her whilst I went to get the wine but she looked rattled and he looked pensive.
It might have been better if I hadn’t blurted out “we need to sort sleeping arrangements…” at that point, not even remotely smooth.
Malachai, damn his organisation, deftly noted that he had a bed roll and there were two beds, which very helpfully simplified things, and neatly closed the matter to further discussion.
He wanted to know more about a ‘he’ – Stellen I assume, I think M might actually want to go after him, which is good, means I don’t have to try not to blush when I suggest it.

I missed what happened to the others for the rest of the night, too busy finding solace from a bottle of wine, but from the shouts and squawks from downstairs it seems everyone had fun and I think Kolyev may have been showing off and Hanneke’s glow the next day suggested she made a new friend. It took some effort to look pleased, not that she doesn’t deserve it but when I compare her smile from a night probably more sleepless with mine to how tired I feel today I just … I just wish there wasn’t all this complication.

Catrain: Sword Training

So we seen a lot more action than I initially bargained for. I’m not complaining – it makes for excellent inspiration – but it’s brought my (lack of) martial prowess into the light.

Years ago I was doing the circuit down in the southlands. As I recall I had just arrived in Shay after a rather fraught journey in the company of an excellent caravaneer. I had hardly finished setting up at the Dawn Opal when a couple of women walked in. I say walked, it looked more like gliding from my vantage point. I was transfixed. As soon as I had the chance to take a brake in my set I went to talk with them. They explained they were mercenaries who traveled between the three Jewels. They described themselves as Dervishes. They had learned to merge performance and swordsmanship into a deadly yet intoxicating dance. When they were hired on to travel to Zagros a week later I talked myself into the retinue, hoping to see them in action. I was not disappointed when a fight finally came.

The ever sweethearted Hanneke has kindly offered to help me learn to fight more like them. I’ve started fighting with a scimitar once more as the slashing action suits my movement better than the piercing of the rapier. I think I’ve finally worked out how to preform a basic version of their Dervish Dance now, though only time will tell. Wish me luck!

Catrain: After Trevarrian

So that nice simple job in Trevarrian turned into an epic battle with a dragon, followed by a string of adventures fulled chiefly by our earnest desire to get paid. We battled with elven assassins, fought daemons and then dwarves whilst up at Brokenhammer, followed by saving a entire town from bandit occupation. It’s inspired me to write some new material which seems to be going down as well as one can hope for. The Dragon Slaying Song is by far the biggest hit but that’s only to be expected. I’m hoping I can at least cash in on these songs if we never get paid for our efforts.
It’s not having been paid yet which is why we are now on the road to Tremethick; to visit Lord Blackstone himself! His daughter has written us a note of credit so we are off to try to get it filled. Last time I was in Tremethick I was passing through with Kolyev, grabbing some supplies, gossip and trading a few stories for coin. I think we were planning to head south, he wanted to look at the wildlife and I wanted to spend a bit of time living the high life. Fate it seemed had different plans and we ended up joining a rebellion. You must understand it all seemed so romantic at the time, people fighting for their land, loves and freedom. Sadly whilst it was doomed to failure, the bonds between those of us involved have only grown stronger.

Campfire Picture

After fighting through the Blasted Plains the Dragon Slayers made it to a safe place to camp.


Session 07: Malachai Log

Things were a bit calmer after we drove Murder-Robe off, if I’m honest. I helped Esther loot Ratzer’s thugs a bit, and then I headed off to sleep at the inn to recover my strength. I knew the innkeeper was really grateful, so I didn’t want to put him on the spot by asking if it was alright to stay there. I think Hanneke spent the night looking after Shae, Catrain created a spontaneous street-party to celebrate how awesome it was that we saved the town, and Esther probably went there and found her barmaid or something. I expect Kolyev slept in a bush or something, and I know for a fact that Jayca was up all night with his nose in the Duke’s books.

Next morning, I said my prayers and felt a lot better, which was good. I found a couple of unbroken bottles of beer and wandered off to the keep. On the way, I bumped into Esther, who wanted to talk about stuff, so we headed back to the inn and had the beers and a chat. It turned out that she wanted to know about the Bitter Hand, so I explained things and she really seems to get it, you know? Said she used to be an Olidammara worshipper, but prefers the idea of a god of our own, which is as it should be.

Anyway, it occurred to us that the innkeeper was fast asleep down the corridor. Esther picked the lock on his door and snuck in, and came back out with two woodcuts of some children (I guess his kids or something – lots of tasty tasty sentimental value, whatever!) and a bottle of some pretty strong booze. We locked the door behind us so he won’t have any idea where his stuff went!

We all met back up again – it turns out that the goons in the keep all had the same necklace on, which had a sign like a human forearm with an animal-type fist. Apparently it’s a symbol of a transmuter, which is a type of wizard (and may mean that at least some of these dragons are just people who can change form), and they’re all “message stones” – if you hold one and concentrate, it transmits your thoughts to everyone else wearing one. The downside is that we don’t know the range and we don’t know who else, if anyone, has them – we can assume Murder-Robe does, but he might have other minions. Anyway, it’ll be helpful if we ever need to pretend to be them or something, and I reckon it should be possible for a wizard to follow the magical links back to find other ones that are the same.

We also found out that Lord Blackstone’s daughter was en route to the town and would be arriving in the next few days. Probably just as well we cleared out the bandit problem, really! Well, for her sake, anyhow. I spent the day praying in one of the shrines, and Esther came along and I put her through the first initiation. I think you need to meet her at some point – she’d be a huge asset to the Kurellim.

Anyway, I spent the next few days keeping an eye on the road from the north to make sure we didn’t get mobbed by dwarves. I think everyone else just sort of got on with their own stuff – Kolyev and Hanneke helped Shae, for example, and Ace was writing stuff into his spellbook. Apparently some ancient ancestor of his was someone called Malefic, who founded his college of magic or something?

Praise Be…

Session 06: Malachai log

You know that thing, where you go away for five minutes and you come back and everything is fucked up? Yeah, that.

So we were coming back into Trevarrian after our little excursion to dwarf lands (you might remember the part where we were chased out of the Brokenhammer mountainhome by Murderbeard’s angry followers) and, well, there was a lot of smoke in the air. More than you might expect, sort of thing. Turns out this was because a bunch of houses were on fire. Awkward.

Being big damn heroes (obviously) we got stuck into helping. Kolyev summoned up some kind of water elemental thing and we helped to get things under control. Talking to people, it turned out that after we left, a bunch of thugs came into town and basically took over. They captured the keep (because there were basically no guards) and then started rounding up anyone who gave them any shit. Just taking them prisoner, like, but still.

At first I thought the landlord of the River’s Rest was to blame, what with him being exactly that kind of dickhead, but actually it turned out he’d gotten all gobby (presumably because he thought he should be in charge) and they had smashed up his place and taken him prisoner. Lots of other folks, too (hence the burning buildings – trying to make a point).

Well, you know how it is. Fuck that noise. No one is taking over a town where the leader-to-be owes us 3,000 gold. Especially not when we didn’t even all get paid for the stuff with the dwarves. And we’re owed danger money for killing a fucking dragon. No way. Also, you know, freedom and stuff, but still.

Someone (I can’t remember who – either Esther or Catrain, I think!) attracted the attention of some guards, who decided to come and beat us up. This didn’t go very well for them, although they had some kind of ridiculous teleporting assassin who very nearly did for me. Once we’d fucked them all up (except one, who escaped) we decided to get our shit together; Kolyev and I healed a bunch of people, but embarrassingly I kinda forgot how badly hurt I was and healed Hanneke’s horse instead. This will be important later.

So we decided to split into two groups: Kolyev and Hanneke would gather up the mob that Catrain put together and use it to besiege the castle. The rest of us would scale the walls, get inside the keep using the secret passage, and work from the outside in. Clever, right? I went to see Hilde’s mum, and she gave us a potion of Bull’s Strength, and we also found out that the bandits’ leader was some dude called Ratzer.

On the way over the walls, I got a bit spotted by some idiot with a crossbow, but he missed so who cares? We managed to get behind the walls, and Ace put up another invisibility sphere to keep us safe. Just as we were going inside through the secret door, we saw two pretty hardcore-looking warriors coming out of the proper door, along with an ogre who looked pretty much exactly like the one we met on the road up to the Brokenhammer place, like they were brothers. Brother ogres. Brogres.

Anyway, we got inside and snuck about, heading upstairs to the (locked) entrance to the Duke’s old quarters. Seems like after they got the warning, they decided to hole up in there and were threatening to kill hostages – they were shouting this stuff to Hanneke and Kolyev whose army were storming the place! I mean, not very well because they were just townsfolk with some random weapons we found, but still…

We decided to go in hard, so everyone was poisoning their weapons and generally getting ready. Esther picked the lock on the door, and we burst in. It’s a bit of a blur after that; I know I missed with my shot at the first guard. I know there was him, a couple of dudes with swords, some asshat with a crossbow and an arrogant prick in wizard robes in there. I know there were a bunch of prisoners tied up, including Cruenna and Hilde and the bloody innkeeper and some randoms.

I figured the most useful thing I could do would be to get Hilde and Cruenna up and fighting, so I tried to run past the two guards with swords and give some other swords to the two of them to help get them out. Except I got stabbed on the way past and blacked out.

When I came to, Cruenna was feeding me a potion she’d found hidden in the Duke’s bedroom. All of the guards, plus the ogre and the two women accompanying it, were dead, but Murder-Robe (Ratzer) had flown away by magic – apparently he’s part of some evil magic school that’s a rival to Jayca’s or something. One of the prisoners had died when they were thrown out of the window, and Hanneke’s little friend Shae had been thrown as well and almost died (except Hanneke caught her, because obviously she did). I think Ace had made a magic wall of stone that Kolyev and Hanneke knocked over after killing the ogre. It all got a bit full-on!

All I can really remember is that the innkeeper wouldn’t meet my eyes when I asked if he still thought we were ne’erdowells. Victory!

Praise Be…

Session 05: Malachai Log

…so Catrain and Esther managed to calm the dwarves down a bit, enough so that they only sort-of-half-arrested us. Luckily, Catrain managed to work her magic on Murderbeard so that when the guards arrived, we were given leave to investigate and look around and see what’s up.

We decided to split into small, easily-defeatable groups to investigate. Some folks, including Ace (obviously) went to the archives, which were apparently just a big cave with some “shelves” with stuff carved into them. Dwarves are weird. Anyway, they apparently found out some stuff that says the (N)Everfire is supposed to ward against some demon lord called Balor Ndulu. Every mountainhome has one, apparently, but I kind of hope that other lots of dwarves are a bit less careful. Oh, yes, and apparently the runes in the thing are not supposed to be full of ash (like they are) but rather they’re supposed to be on fire (obvious). Also, they are apparently lined with dragon bone, which is not at all suspicious given that we recently killed a dragon, which haven’t been seen for basically ever.

I went to the place where they lay out the dead, along with the rest of the Hearthbreakers who weren’t in the archives. As it happened, I was still wearing my ceremonial gear because I’d been wearing it earlier for the giant mess-up in the room with the (N)Everfire. It took some cajoling and persuading from Catrain but eventually I was allowed to inspect the old Overseer’s body. And, sure enough, there was a definite shanking wound entirely separate to all the horrible corrosive demon claw damage. Embarrassingly, I accidentally said all the words to send the Overseer to the House of Locks – and there was me still in my formal clothing! How awkward for everyone.

Anyway, we all met up and decided to get some sleep. Of course, at some point Catrain’s magic wore off and suddenly Murderbeard decided that it would make the most sense to actually arrest us. If I’m honest, they could probably have had a better approach. We didn’t really kill any of them to start with, but then Hanneke picked Esther up and carried her while Ace cast an invisibility sphere and everyone else ran away to the exit. Being as how they’re all much faster than me, I hid for a bit, and then called on the Bitter Hand for a little bit of help in looking like a dwarf (OK, a particularly short dwarf who couldn’t speak any dwarvish) to sneak out following behind some of the pursuers.

Up at the main exit gate, it got pretty messy. There were all sorts of dwarves that we had to kill off while Hanneke and Esther were getting the horses from outside and Ace was trying to get his carriage sorted. We just about managed to get out, with only a few dead or dying dwarves left behind. We stopped off en route to rest up, be outside, and let Kolyev call up a new dire badger thing. He seems pretty chipper about things now he has one.

Praise Be.

Session 04: Malachai log

Well, that escalated quickly, didn’t it?

Haragin took us into dwarf-town. Sorry, the “Mountainhome of the Brokenhammer.” Hanneke didn’t want to go in because they wouldn’t let her horse in. She really loves that horse. Anyway, we went inside and some ancient longbeard poured water on us because we’re “dirty.” Nice.

Turns out Kolyev never went through “The Dwarfing” or whatever it’s called, so he’s basically still a teenager. Which, I guess, explains some things. He was not happy to be back underground.

We were taken to the Overseer, who I guess is like their King or something, and Catrain entertained some children while the Overseer’s wife tried to get us in trouble. Apparently if someone gives you a glass of wine, you’re not allowed to drink it unless they explicitly say so. Fuck that!

So anyway, the Overseer was very grateful and offered us each any weapon we chose from their stores. Not so great for Esther and me, given that outsize weapons never suit anyone very well, but still a win. Apparently we’re to stick around for a funeral, which involves all the bodies being put into the EVERFLAME or something and then consumed by fire. Which might be a bit awkward given they’re all in the House of Locks now, but how was I supposed to know we’d be invited to the funeral? Anyway, bigger issues: seems the EVERFLAME has gone out. Some sort of big scandal, and one of the longbeards in the back of the Overseer’s throne room is laughing about it.

We went off shopping and getting stuff sorted; I picked up a very well-made (child’s) shortsword as my reward, and bought a very well-made (child’s) chain shirt, which is much easier to move in. Kolyev got Hanneke a magic warhammer, which was quite a find, and the others picked up various bits or commissioned things in the forges.

So we went to the funeral, all dressed up. I was wearing my vestments, because it seemed appropriate. It’s pitch dark down there – did I mention that all these tunnels are ridiculously huge? Dwarves are taller than we are, but not much. Makes me wonder what they’re compensating for…

So all the bodies are laying on this dais thing, which apparently used to be the EVERFLAME but is now just a raised bit of stone. And there’s lots of boring talking in Dwarvish, I assume about stone and fire and stuff, when I hear something from behind us. So I sneak off to investigate – Ace had cast this spell to let us all talk to each other silently, which was incredibly handy. It turns out this chamber has another exit, leading further into the tunnels, and there were these grotesque monsters with giant mouths coming out of it, being sort of shepherded by this much bigger creature. I think they were all demons.

Anyway, it got a bit messy then. The Avenger hid me while I took a shot at the big thing, but then it almost ripped me in two, and of course I was miles away from everyone else and Hanneke wasn’t even there. Between us all, and with a little bit of help from some dwarf soldiers, we managed to kill the big thing (or at least, make it run away) and all but one of the little ones (the other one ran off). But the big thing had teleported across the cavern and ripped into the Overseer before coming back to have a go at me, and then Kolyev saw the laughing longbeard (let’s call him Murderbeard) from earlier shank the Overseer on the floor. Kolyev tried to kill Murderbeard but got dragged to the floor by all the other dwarves.

Esther was wearing that torc we found, and it seems it lets her read every language as well as understand it when she hears it spoken. And on the EVERFLAME dais it said something like “As long as the flames burn and consume the dead then the great evil shall be imprisoned.” Which is a bit awkward, given that this one is already out and dragons are pretty evil, right?

And it sort of seems like maybe there’s a conspiracy here. Sure, one local ruler (Duke Morgan) getting murdered seems noteworthy, but two in less than a week? Of course, the big problem is that we were right there for both of them, and I think Kolyev might have done a good job of convincing everyone that we’re involved. Screaming “he’s a demon summoner!” isn’t usually a strong diplomatic move.

Praise Be…

Dear Lord Blackstone
From the Pen of Jayca Van-de-Gaarde:

Dear Lord Blackstone,
Many apologies that I am unable to present myself to you in a more seemly manner befitting your station.
I find myself in Trevarrion after travelling north from my father, Baron Darfin Van-de-Gaarde’s estates.
I am writing to you on behalf of one Crewenna (Dragon slayer) due to the terrible events that have befallen the former Duke and Duchess of this town.
Myself and my five compatriots, were contracted on rather secretive business to investigate rumours of mythical beasts terrorizing and burning the traders on the road north.
We did investigate and we found and killed a real life dragon, I appreciate this may be difficult to believe but we brought the body back through Trevarrion in front of a crowd and were going to present it to the Duke when we walked in on the sad scene.
A trio of Elves were in the process of poisoning and killing the Duke and Duchess, they would also have killed the dwarf Haragin if myself and my companions had not stepped in to heal him, alas we were too late for the Duke.
We dispatched the elves and have kept the boxes marked with strange snake sigils in which they kept their poison, I have also written to my brothers who are all members of the King’s Knights in the south with this information.

This whole situation leaves Trevarrion in a bit of a state of chaos. Crewenna who was with us when we killed the dragon and is currently storing it in the cold room of the keep is keeping things ticking over.
However the vile and thoroughly un-pedigreed Inn Keeper of this town has been throwing his sizeable weight around, even threatening my companions!
He seems to think you would appoint him your vassal, I would very much hope that this is not going to be your decision Lord Blackstone, he would run this place even further into the ground with his band of thugs and ruffians.
He was also suspiciously happy about the demise of the former Duke and Duchess and quick to put his hand in the ring.
Crewenna may be untested but she is capable and of far better character, my Lord.
We hope that on receipt of this letter you will send word of your hand in this matter forthwith and also assure us of your own good health.

I am personally concerned that these mysterious elves may have some greater dire purpose in mind that would threaten my own and your safety if they were indeed targeting many humans of noble birth.

Oh whilst we investigated the lair of the aforementioned Dragon,we found it it’s hoard five very nice statues that include a very flattering resemblance of yourself Lord Blackstone, we have kept them for you in the hope of restoring them to their rightful owner.
Myself and my five companions: Esther, Catrain , Malachai , Hanneke and Kolyev are going to tie up some loose ends further into the mountains but we intend to be back in Trevarrion in 12 days and await your word.

Yours Gratefully,

Jayca Van-de-Gaarde,
Trevarrion Keep.


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