To the north lie the Skyreach mountains, snow-covered, impossibly huge and dangerous, stretching for a thousand miles like an impenetrable wall of rock and ice.

Buried deep into their flanks are the Dwarf Mountainhomes, and deep below them the dark caverns at the roots of the world, filled with orcs, kobolds, and more dangerous things besides.

At the feet of the mountains, valleys torn by ancient ice cut deep between rolling hills, forested and full of riches. The most isolated of these hold the Elven Forests, enclaves forbidden by royal decree and defended militantly by their mysterious occupants. Up here, the inhabitants of the Northern Territories make their living mining, logging, and raising animals.

The hills give way to flatter land in the south, worn smooth by time and traced by rivers seeking the warmer coast. Here the forests are broken by tapestries of grassland and scrub, and the patchwork fields of farmers are scattered across what are known as the Great Plains.

The coast itself is hotter, more humid, and altogether more civilised. Great towns and cities straddle river mouths and harbours, and swarm and bustle with every example of the civilised races. Susa, the capital, is here – as are the other great cities of the Kingdom – the Jewels of the Coast.


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