Great Plains

The Great Plains cover a vast span of the Kingdom, mostly consisting of alluvial flood plains and forested lowlands, though scattered with rolling hills and outcroppings. Stretching the vast width of the kingdom, they enjoy less harsh weather than the north and cooler temperatures than the coast – making the land fertile and good for crops.

It is here that the vast majority of the Kingdom live, trading with the Northern Territories for resources (for the most part) and exporting food to the cities in the south in exchange for crafted goods. Farmland is dotted throughout the plains but is most concentrated near urban areas and on riverbanks, where produce can be easily transported. A network of roads and river-paths connects the holdings of a thousand petty lords, each under the vassalage of higher nobles who are themselves responsible to the King.

The High Plains

The plains get steadily drier towards the east, until they become more and more arid and rugged, and eventually give way to desert. These arid lands are the source of many of the kingdom’s horses, and are known as the High Plains by the hardy peoples who live there.

The nobles of the High Plains are also known for being much more cutthroat than those of the south or west – perhaps a testament to the difficult conditions on the edge of a desert. There is a saying that if you cannot see the hand of a Highborn (as they are called), it likely contains a knife. It is also said that King Sargon was one of the Highborn, though geneological scholars from the capital would disagree.

The Old Forests

The wetter lands towards the far west are much more heavily forested and contain many marshes as the water drains from the hills towards the rivers. The forests here are truly ancient and overgrown, and while unlike the Elven Forests they may not be forbidden, it is a foolish person who delves into them without knowledge or experience of what lurks in the heart of the forest.

There is much logging of these forests, as they provide excellent wood – much of this finds its way south to Shay, or to the capital.

Great Plains

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