The history of the Kingdom and its neighbours is one of constant warfare. Since long before living memory, and for centuries of written history before, what was to become one land was ruled by a collection of petty nobles and warlords, seizing power where they could and making war on their neighbours.

The Age of War, as it was known, almost never ceased. A lord could make peace with his neighbours while they were at war elsewhere, but almost never was there a time where banners were not raised and armies marching to the beat of war drums. Powerful mages marched alongside peasant levies, and the signs of war still mark the land today – areas of wild magic cast hastily on the battlefield, the bones of the dead buried under long-forgotten battlefields, and the legacy the wars left on the great races.

It was then that the lands of the halflings were conquered, and their race almost exterminated by an alliance of elves and humans seeking to divide the spoils of the halfling homeland for themselves. The dwarves were beaten back into their mountainhomes, and they bear those grudges still. Finally, the elves were forced to withdraw into their forests through the sheer attrition of centuries of fighting against foes more numerous and fecund.

There are tales of the time before the wars, of a simpler time. Legends of great heroes who stole fire from the gods and forged the first weapons, and dragons which scoured the land and brought terror to all who beheld them. But in these more civilised times, the land is tamer, the secrets of the world unfolded, and the heroes – and the dragons – consigned to the pages of children’s books.

And even the age of war, interminable though it seemed, has ended. King Sargon, the wise, the peacemaker, the conquerer; these names (and more besides) he has earned by raising armies and through skill at arms, strength of will, diplomacy and guile. He did not simply fought his way to the top, but forced all others to bend the knee to him. He carved out a Kingdom that covered all the human lands, putting paid to pretenders and rebels and establishing all others as his vassals.

His reign has lasted long enough that those who were children during the War of Accession have grown old and grey. The King himself grows old too, though some whisper that perhaps he has lived longer than his due. What is to become of the kingdom when he passes is even now whispered in the courts of nobles across the kingdom, for Sargon has no heirs and is yet to choose a successor…


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