Jewels of the Coast

Aside from the capital, three other cities also sit on the coast. Together they are known as the Jewels. Each has a distinct personality burned into the city and its people, and at times each has become pivotal in the history of the kingdom.


Zagros can rightly be proud of its heritage as the kingdom’s “second city”. With nearly 72,000 citizens its size rivals the capital itself, and historically has been the seat of many ambitious lords who sought to carve out huge holdings for themselves.

These efforts mean that Zagros holds dominion over a wide swathe of land and vassals; the power it has is not inconsiderable and it was here that the two major rebellions started. Most of the city’s wealth comes from its food exports, sitting on some of the best arable land and vinyards in the entire kingdom.



Ben Wootten

The city of Shay sits in a perfect natural harbour near the western edge of the kingdom and is home to around 57,000 people. It is here that the master shipbuilders and merchants ply their trade. The docks and shipyards here are huge, and large amounts of timber from the nearby forest expanses are brought down by cart to supply them.

Despite its location, the city is also the natural centre of the kingdom’s slave trade – perhaps because of the city’s incredibly permissive attitude towards slave ownership, and a noble house that has been very lax in its obligations to uphold the laws of the King. As a result of this relative lawlessness, it has developed a strong reputation for piracy, drug and poison trafficking, as well as other illicit activities.


Milantos, the third and smallest of the Jewels with a still-sizeable 48,000 residents, is a city mostly known for industry. Sitting on one of the kingdom’s more navigable rivers running nearly up to the mountains themselves, Milantos receives large amounts of raw materials which are processed in the city before being shipped onwards.

The city is home to a significant dwarf enclave, sizeable enough that the leaders of the dwarven community are unofficially brought in on most of the major administrative decisions. Though skilled craftsdwarfship cannot be beaten for quality, it is also expensive – and as such plenty of skilled human metalworkers, craftsmen, and traders also manufacture their wares here.

Jewels of the Coast

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