• Name: Kurell
  • Sex: Male
  • Areas of concern: Jealousy, Revenge, Theft
  • Titles: The Bitter Hand, The Scorned Heart, The Vengeful Knave, The Green-Eyed God, The Avenger, He Who Must Possess, Lord of Thieves
  • Holy Symbol: A grasping hand holding a broken coin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Favoured Weapon: Short sword
  • Weapon of the Deity spell: + 1 shock short sword
  • Domains: Chaos, Greed, Luck, Madness, Trickery

Desires must be seized, for experiencing the act of taking brings joy. Suffering must be avenged, for only retribution alleviates loss. Those that have wealth do not deserve it, nor the power and luck that brought them to where they are, and for that they should be scorned. You must take what is rightfully yours when the time is right or forever be shackled to misery, poverty, and nothingness.

As a mortal, Kurell was pursued by Sheela Peryroyl, but rejected her in order to pursue her sister Cyrollalee, which earned him the displeasure of both sisters, and Cyrollalee’s husband Urogalan. After the halfling people were devastated by human and elven aggression, many halflings turned to Kurell to avenge what was lost. Meeting in secret, they formed the Kurellim crime syndicate in Susa, stealing from the human conquerers and encouraging them in turn to commit theft so as to undermine their laws.


Clerics of Kurell tend to be self-centered, teaching by example rather than by doctrine. They seldom proselytize unless they see some immediate benefit to themselves; their instruction involves teaching by example rather than quoting doctrine. Some clerics of Kurell are also assassins; these individuals are highly paid and frequently used by the church itself. Clerics of Kurell are, perhaps oddly, generally trustworthy if no ill is done to them, as they do not wish to earn any vengeance upon themselves. Many make their living as thieves, and spend their time planning acts of revenge against their enemies. They travel in search of great things to steal, to escape their rivals, or to forget their past.

Ceremonial garb for priests of Kurell involves a golden half-mask and a plain cloak lined with precious furs inside and decorated with small tokens important only to those from which they were stolen. Adventuring garb usually includes leather armor that has been dyed a dark red to symbolize Kurell’s rage for vengeance.


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