Northern Territories

The Northern Territories are the name given to the collected baronies, duchies, and various other territories at the north of the Kingdom, generally quite isolated and mostly in hill country. The weather there is harsh: cold, wet and frequently stormy, and the people there hard. The distance between holdings can be long, there are many wild places up here, and it is below the mountains that monsters dwell – and occasionally emerge to prey on the weak.

The Northern Territories are rich in their own way, though, if you can bear to live there. Many a miner has made their fortune striking a new vein of precious metal. Many a treasure-hunter has struck lucky in the tombs and caves in the mountainsides. And, many a merchant has become rich off the back of a long-forged relationship with the dwarf clans.

Many, too, find that the distance from the capital means that attitudes to laws are… different up here. The agents of the King rarely find their way so far north – but then, criminal activity tends to end more frequently at the point of a guardsman’s blade than a magistrate and prison cell.

Up here are the main contacts with the Elven Forests and the Mountainhomes, and it is more common than anywhere else to see representatives of either around a flickering tavern fire – though the lack of comment says more about the northern tradition of keeping to one’s own business rather than the frequency of these outsiders.

Most of the larger towns in the north can be found where rivers widen and allow logs and other goods to be shipped down towards the plains. These towns often have large markets, and people from all the surrounding lands will take long journeys to be at them. These market towns breed strange traditions, and a market day can be as much a day of celebration as a day of commerce.

Northern Territories

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