During Sargon’s reign there have been two major rebellions (along with a number of minor local uprisings against particularly vicious or incompetent nobles).

The False King’s War

Less than a decade after the War of Accession, the False King’s War was started by a man claiming to be the true King Sargon, and the Sargon upon the throne to be an imposter. He found significant support from some of the larger noble houses who had lost much during the wars and still chafed at Sargon’s rulership.

The war raged for two years until finally the loyalist forces managed a decisive victory when with a daring strike they captured the False King. Publicly revealing him to be a fraud, the False King was in fact a peasant named Edric, who had used a superficial resemblance to the King to fast-talk his way into the courts of the rebel nobles. Edric confessed to his crimes and was publicly executed on the steps of the King’s palace in Susa.

The Winter Uprisings

The Winter Uprisings were much more recent – a series of peasant uprisings mostly directed against corrupt and cruel local lords snowballed and found unexpected funding from dissident nobles. Eventually after overthrowing their lords, the peasant armies found themselves united and marshalled under the leadership of Lady Tanifer, then the Lord of Zagros, against the King himself.

They marched on the capital but despite their size and enthusiasm were scattered over a series of weeks by the trained royal army and the Knightly Orders. Rather than destroying the rebel forces entirely, by the King’s decree the nobles responsible for leading the army were systematically hunted and imprisoned. Finally with Lady Tanifer’s capture, the remaining peasant forces simply dissolved and went home. Tanifer still rots in the royal dungeons in the capital to this day. Exactly why she has not simply been executed is unclear.


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