Ignacio Bazán Lazcano

Tremethick – the Seat of Blackstone

The largest town under the rule of Lord Blackstone, Tremethick is a lively trade town commonly called the gateway to the north by those in the local area. Commanding a position on the river where the aggressive flows and speedy currents of the foothills begin to give way to the more ponderous meandering of the low country, it is a natural waypoint for river traffic as well as other kinds of shipping.

Much of Tremethick’s wealth comes from a combination of dwarven goods imported from the mountainhomes further north, and the quarries and mines of the Blackstone Hills, rich in iron and copper deposits and famed for being one of the richest sources of rarer metals in human hands. Its markets are open every day, and permanent / semi-permanent traders take residence on Broad Street, the central winding thoroughfare. As the seat of the Blackstone family, it also is the centre of political power for the region, and as such is the place to find representatives from minor noble houses, the occasional hedge wizard, and a few less reputable organisations eager to stamp their presence in the north.

Tremethick also contains a Wayhouse for the Order of the Golden Blade, one of the King’s knightly orders. It is rarely well staffed these days, the north being somewhat peaceful and Lord Blackstone widely thought of as being extremely loyal, and so the Knights are often on mission to the far east or west.


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