Trevarrian is a minor holding in the north, governed by Duke Morgan. The town of Trevarrian is built around an old keep, that was once held as a bastion against advances from the dwarf clans. The holdings are theoretically quite expansive, though the wilderness serves to isolate most of the outlying areas beyond the practical reach of Ducal influence.

Today Trevarrian has about 2,000 people, and does a strong trade in dwarf-made goods, with strong connections to the Brokenhammer clan a week’s walk north. Goods are transported by cart to the river where they are taken by raft to the town, where they are either passed on to buyers or traded in the town’s market. The river has a number of warehouses and some small docks set aside for loading and unloading heavy loads.

Though trading is the town’s main source of wealth, Trevarrian cheese is a specialty, and the town brewers (attached to the inn) do a particularly fine ale. The town imports a lot of other food products (particularly grain), though most is for trade with the dwarves. The town is served by a few taverns but only a single inn, the River’s Rest (previously known as the Dwarf’s Head).

A small regular guard that are in the pay of the Duke keeps watch and protects the town, but most of the town’s able-bodied men and women are expected to help deal with the occasional kobold attack. In addition there are a pair of rangers who are paid by the Duke to track dangerous monsters and keep them away from the town, and of late they have been fairly successful.

On the outskirts of the town are a number of abandoned buildings destroyed by fire a few years earlier, that used to serve the town’s (now abandoned) quarry and mines. Since moving over to trading with the Dwarves for most stone and metalwork, the mining industry in the town has mostly failed and its practicioners either becoming merchants or moving elsewhere.


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