The Dragon Slayers

Catrain: Sword Training

So we seen a lot more action than I initially bargained for. I’m not complaining – it makes for excellent inspiration – but it’s brought my (lack of) martial prowess into the light.

Years ago I was doing the circuit down in the southlands. As I recall I had just arrived in Shay after a rather fraught journey in the company of an excellent caravaneer. I had hardly finished setting up at the Dawn Opal when a couple of women walked in. I say walked, it looked more like gliding from my vantage point. I was transfixed. As soon as I had the chance to take a brake in my set I went to talk with them. They explained they were mercenaries who traveled between the three Jewels. They described themselves as Dervishes. They had learned to merge performance and swordsmanship into a deadly yet intoxicating dance. When they were hired on to travel to Zagros a week later I talked myself into the retinue, hoping to see them in action. I was not disappointed when a fight finally came.

The ever sweethearted Hanneke has kindly offered to help me learn to fight more like them. I’ve started fighting with a scimitar once more as the slashing action suits my movement better than the piercing of the rapier. I think I’ve finally worked out how to preform a basic version of their Dervish Dance now, though only time will tell. Wish me luck!


dhmstark pseudodeviant

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