The Dragon Slayers

FAO: Knight Captain Pieter Van-de-Gaarde

For the Attention of Knight Captain Pieter Van-de-Gaarde,

Dear brother, goodness it has been a while hasn’t it. Well all that unpleasant business with the Rebellion is behind us I suppose, you didn’t have to kick quite so hard though you know..
You may or may not have heard that I have “gone rogue” again as it were.. Well I am a Wizard of the second level now you know.
The point is, well I have left father, for good, I won’t be going back, not the way I left.
And well I have found myself once more in familiar company, before you start blustering and throwing obscenities about, this is legitimate absolutely not a rebellion business.
We are up in some comfort forsaken backwater near the mountains, and well we found a bit of trouble, in the shape of a formerly mythological beast…
What I am trying to say is, the Hearth breakers and I bloody well killed a Dragon! A big red one…
Don’t believe me, I wouldn’t if I were you Pieter, but ask around about the corpse we dragged through town in front of everyone and the slowly spreading reputation my compatriot of diminutive stature Malachai has been nurturing and you will find the proof..
There is however some other unfortunate business I need to mention other than sort of bragging.
The Duke of this Trevarrion place is dead, quite a lot dead… no we didn’t do it.
Elves did actually, we caught them in the act and they were chock full of some very nasty poison, almost lost Catrain to it too, but I would keep that name from your brothers if you know what I mean.
Anyway I might be barking up the wrong murderous elf filled tree here but, I worry that this might be the tip of some kind of “kill all the human nobles” iceberg as it were.
So yes, dragons, murderous elves with poison and I have run away from home forever.
Nice chatting brother,
Jayca Van-de-Gaarde

Oh, here is a drawing of the snake seal on the boxes of poison the elves we dispatched were all carrying:



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