Halfling Cleric of Kurell


Key facts

  • Race: Halfling
    • Small
    • Base speed 20’
    • + 2 racial bonus to Climb, Jump and Move Silently checks
    • + 1 racial bonus on all saving throws
    • + 2 morale bonus on saving throws vs. fear
    • + 1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings
    • + 2 racial bonus on Listen checks
    • Favoured Class: Rogue
  • Character Level: 7
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • God: Kurell, God of Jealousy, Revenge and Theft (Chaotic Neutral)
  • XP: 24,750


  • Str 7 (- 2)
  • Dex 14 (+ 2)
  • Con 13 (+ 1)
  • Int 11
  • Wis 16 (+ 3)
  • Cha 12 (+ 1)

Bonuses and saves

  • Base Attack Bonus: + 4
    • + 2 from lv3 Cleric
    • + 2 from lv3 Rogue
    • + 0 from lv1 Divine Trickster
    • + 1 from being Small as well!
  • Fortitude Save: + 6
    • + 3 from lv 3 Cleric
    • + 1 from lv 3 Rogue
    • + 0 from lv 1 Divine Trickster
    • + 1 Con
    • + 1 halfling
  • Reflex Save: + 9
    • + 1 from lv 3 Cleric
    • + 3 from lv 3 Rogue
    • + 2 from lv 1 Divine Trickster
    • + 2 Dex
    • + 1 halfling
  • Will Save: + 8
    • + 3 from lv 3 Cleric
    • + 1 from lv 3 Rogue
    • + 2 from lv 1 Divine Trickster
    • + 3 Wis
    • + 1 halfling

Combat stuff

  • HP: 40 (9 + 8 + 5 + 3 + 6 + 7 + 2)
  • AC: 18 (10 + 2 Dex + 1 Small + 4 Masterwork Chain Shirt + 1 Buckler)

Cleric stuff

  • Aura: Malachai has a powerful Chaotic aura
  • Luck & Trickery Domains
    • Luck: Reroll one die roll per day before the DM announces whether it was a success or failure. Must take the new result, even if it’s worse.
    • Trickery: Add Bluff, Disguise and Hide to my list of cleric class skills
  • Turn Undead 4 times per day
  • Spontaneous Casting: use any prepared spell (except Domain spells) as Cure spell of equivalent level (or lower)

Rogue Stuff

  • Sneak Attack: You do + 2D6 extra damage when your target is denied their Dexterity bonus to AC, or when you flank a target. This damage is not multiplied by critical hits. Ranged Sneak Attacks can only be made within 30 feet.
  • Trapfinding: can find and disarm traps with a DC greater than 20.
  • Evasion: if successful in a Reflex save against an attack that would deal half damage on that save, instead take no damage
  • Trap Sense: + 1 bonus on Reflex saves to avoid traps and +1 dodge bonus to AC to avoid attacks made by traps

Divine Trickster stuff

  • Surprise For The Dead: The divine trickster learns to channel positive energy into a nasty surprise for undead who let their guard down. As a free action, the divine trickster may expend one daily use of her Turn Undead ability in order to gain the ability to make sneak attacks or critical hits against undead creatures. This effect last for 1 round per point of Charisma bonus the divine trickster has (minimum 1 round), and applies to all attacks made within that time. The trickster must still meet all conditions for a successful sneaks attack; that is, the undead must still be flat-footed, flanked, or otherwise eligible for a sneak attack, and must be within 30 feet of the trickster if the attack is ranged. In addition, the divine trickster may only make sneak attacks or critical hits against incorporeal undead creature if she is wielding a ghost touch weapon or is herself incorporeal.

Spells (Caster Level 4)

  • 4 Level 0 spells
  • 4 Level 1 spells (plus 1 Domain spell)
  • 3 Level 2 spells (plus 1 Domain spell)




  • Common
  • Halfling

Future Plans

  • Pondering the following Feats:
  • Target skills:
    • Appraise 8 ranks
    • Climb 8 ranks
    • Disguise 4 ranks
    • Escape Artist 4 ranks
    • Heal 4 ranks
    • Move Silently 8 ranks
    • Open Lock 4 ranks
    • Search 8 ranks
  • Grew up in Susa as part of the Kurellim halfling crime syndicate
  • Malachai got involved with the criminal stuff but he didn’t really have the kind of talent that his siblings and cousins did. Still, he made his sacrifices to Kurell, patron god of the family, and started to feel like he might be able to support the family calling in another way.
  • He started lurking about the Temple Quarter and managed to start training as a cleric, primarily through stealing books from other folk worshipping “proper” gods, and impersonating a worshipper of Olidammara, the more usual thief-god. He kept quiet about his true affiliations.
  • But one day he was caught sneaking into the shady back-alley shrine of Kurell by one of his more law-abiding fellows. Given the uproar (especially now that they suddenly had an explanation for where all the missing money from collection plates had gone), Malachai decided to flee in a hurry. He legged it out of the capital, figuring that this was like a pilgrimage or something.
  • Out in the world, he got up to some low-level naughtiness, including stealing a freshly-made Handy Haversack from a wizard’s apprentice, but kept finding himself being chased by some paladin/holy warrior/champion/mercenary type sent after him by the Lawful Good churches in the Temple Quarter. The most horrifying thing is that they don’t want him dead: they want to bring him back so they can re-educate him out of his delinquent ways!
  • He encountered Hella van Guelder while he was somewhat indisposed: hanging upside-down by a rope around his ankles, where the local militia had put him after he was caught stealing bread (because he’s a rubbish thief)
  • She’d been struggling to find a cleric who would do the right kind of bad things in the rebellion/military coup, and Malachai was keen not to be hung upside-down any more, so it seemed like an ideal match. Malachai signed up immediately.
  • He got pretty good at support stuff, using a crossbow and his medical knowledge to help the rest of the unit, as well as using his divine powers for healing and trickery of various kinds to back the others up.
  • Being basically good at heart, he soon got quite into the rebel cause.
  • When Hella died, Malachai was being chased (once again!) by a bounty hunter sent by the Temple Quarter. He’d just about evaded pursuit when he saw everything go horribly wrong. Hella was too far gone to save, and Malachai still feels personally responsible for not getting to her in time.
  • Since then, he’s been carrying on his “pilgrimage,” hiring on with various bottom-tier adventuring groups and not making much of a living out of it. The letter from Jayca was very welcome!


  • Halfling Ethnic Mafia (positively inclined towards Malachai): does exactly what it says on the tin. Like a tiny, racist thieves’ guild,they’re like three-foot-tall parasites on the underbelly of Susa. Malachai’s a bit of a weird one in this particular crime syndicate, because he’s a) not in the city, and b) not actually a rogue. But they have the god of jealousy and revenge as their patron deity and once you’re in, you can’t leave…
    • Also, they’re big on arranged marriage. While he’s away on “pilgrimage,” Malachai avoids that obligation, but it’s not gone away forever…
  • Right-Thinking Religious Types (negatively inclined towards Malachai): specifically made up of all the Lawful churches in the Temple Quarter of the capital city, they’re pissed at Malachai because he blagged cleric training out of them and they don’t like being made fools of. They want to drag his ass back to the Temple Quarter and essentially bully him until he gives up his Chaotic ways and worships a “proper” god.


  • Erasmus, human, the wizard’s apprentice who had just finished making the Handy Haversack Malachai stole. He’s good at making magic items, Malachai last saw him in his master’s tower, he has pale-green skin from some sort of magical accident, and we parted with Malachai legging it out of the tower and him shouting Malachai’s name and shaking his fist. Angrily.
  • Liesbeth, human, a Paladin who has sworn a vow to drag Malachai back to the Temple Quarter by his toes. She’s good at sticking to a task through thick and thin, Malachai last saw her when Hella died (just managed to hide from her and in so doing missed his cue), she speaks extremely precisely, and we parted in a pretty fraught circumstance (Malachai blames Liesbeth as much as himself for Hella’s death)
  • Zachary, halfling, a Rogue in the Halfling Ethnic Mafia that was making deals with the human Militia to sell out fellow Halflings in exchange for gold. Malachai informed the family about it, and Zachary was driven out of the city and the guild as a result. Zachary’s good at manipulation and deception, is shady as they come, and Malachai last saw him at the meeting with the family bosses where Malachai dropped him in it and he fled.


  • Mia, human, a disgruntled Fighter in the militia/police/whatever of the capital city. She’s basically a good person and didn’t like how the halflings were getting shafted, especially with Zachary’s intervention, so she tipped Malachai off about it. She always fiddles with the pommel of her sword when she’s nervous, and Malachai last saw her when she tipped him off. We parted understanding that we probably couldn’t trust each other, but neither were we likely to sell each other out.
  • Farrell, elf, an exiled Ranger who intervened to save Malachai’s life when he was attacked by a bear one time. Malachai healed the Ranger’s wounds after the bear was driven off and the two came to an understanding as a result. Farrell is way more interested in his pet boar than in people, so the two aren’t friends, but they parted on good terms.
  • Mechteld, human, a Cleric of Kord, god of strength. She was the other Cleric in one of the groups Malachai adventured with after the end of Hella’s Hearthbreakers. The two got on OK, and shared some tips and tricks, but they were never close. She’s very prone to violence as a first resort.


  • Gerben, human, a Fighter from a different adventuring group that Malachai also ran with. Gerben’s a big fan of wading into the middle of fights as a distraction while everyone else starts flanking, which suited Malachai fine. The two got on really well but the money wasn’t great, so Malachai left (again, on good terms) when Jayca’s letter came.
  • Femke, human, a Cleric from the Temple Quarter that Malachai trained with. Although they have different views on the world, they got on really well and it was Femke who warned Malachai that Liesbeth was after him. She’s really good at summoning things, and keeps their friendship secret from the church.
  • Pesha, human, a Cleric of Olidammara who runs the small temple where Malachai spent his time in the Temple Quarter when not studying. She’s spent more than a little time as a practicing Rogue, having come to the priesthood later in life, but was a very good teacher. She’s not happy about having been deceived, but has taken it in good spirits nonetheless.


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