The Dragon Slayers

Catrain: After Trevarrian

So that nice simple job in Trevarrian turned into an epic battle with a dragon, followed by a string of adventures fulled chiefly by our earnest desire to get paid. We battled with elven assassins, fought daemons and then dwarves whilst up at Brokenhammer, followed by saving a entire town from bandit occupation. It’s inspired me to write some new material which seems to be going down as well as one can hope for. The Dragon Slaying Song is by far the biggest hit but that’s only to be expected. I’m hoping I can at least cash in on these songs if we never get paid for our efforts.
It’s not having been paid yet which is why we are now on the road to Tremethick; to visit Lord Blackstone himself! His daughter has written us a note of credit so we are off to try to get it filled. Last time I was in Tremethick I was passing through with Kolyev, grabbing some supplies, gossip and trading a few stories for coin. I think we were planning to head south, he wanted to look at the wildlife and I wanted to spend a bit of time living the high life. Fate it seemed had different plans and we ended up joining a rebellion. You must understand it all seemed so romantic at the time, people fighting for their land, loves and freedom. Sadly whilst it was doomed to failure, the bonds between those of us involved have only grown stronger.


dhmstark pseudodeviant

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